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This winter has shown great opportunity for wildlife photography. I’ve went from shooting urban city life to wildlife. haha So far we have been able to photograph a ton of American Bald Eagles. They are quite the challenge to photograph and very exciting to capture. I’m really amazed by the number of eagles in one location. They hang out at the lock and dams along the Mississippi river. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Dinner to go!


Hot chocolate anyone!?! On this photo Friday I felt it was fitting to splash around some hot chocolate for everyone. Last night it got down -6 degrees, way to cold. This is my identical looking Nikon travel mug lens, I love these mugs. They are really fun to use and fake people out thats you are drinking from a real lens.
One..Two..Three…Go! There is the captured splash from a Cherry Cordial on my snowy balcony. These are fun photo shoots but be prepared for a messy splash.