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This winter has shown great opportunity for wildlife photography. I’ve went from shooting urban city life to wildlife. haha So far we have been able to photograph a ton of American Bald Eagles. They are quite the challenge to photograph and very exciting to capture. I’m really amazed by the number of eagles in one location. They hang out at the lock and dams along the Mississippi river. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Dinner to go!



I know this isn’t much of a happy post its a huge disaster, I only want to show people what I see and keep you informed. All my life I have lived around some part of water, either a lake or river. For a short time I lived near the Atlantic ocean but I have never witnessed preparation for a flood. Last weekend I was amazed to see people sand bagging to save their homes from the flood that they where anticipating. By all means I am no reporter but I found it to be extremely interesting. I shot these this week, the Mississippi river flowing into a local park, due to the Lake Delhi dam that broke. This is only a small portion of flooding that happened. Can you image an empty lake? That seems so bizarre.