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This winter has shown great opportunity for wildlife photography. I’ve went from shooting urban city life to wildlife. haha So far we have been able to photograph a ton of American Bald Eagles. They are quite the challenge to photograph and very exciting to capture. I’m really amazed by the number of eagles in one location. They hang out at the lock and dams along the Mississippi river. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Dinner to go!



Would you believe that this place produces food! No I did not take this photo, usually on photo Friday I post my own photography. I couldn’t resist posting this photo for todays post. Why does places that produce food have to look like an oil refinery and produce pollution? Kinda creeps me out. What do you think? Its a great photo, very ugly and cool looking at the same time.

Photo by Kyle Jeffery


Its another summer photo. I love being outdoors in the summertime. For photo Friday I couldn’t stop my self from posting this photo. It is from the same lake that I posted last Friday’s photo from. We went back to the lake and the view was just amazing, I thought it deserved a panoramic view. What do you think?

Actucally there are two photos for this week. This one I shot with my iphone. I love the colors, I’ve never seen a sunset with the rays of the sun shooting out to the sky and the gradient from warm to cool. Very AWESOME to see. One of my favorite things to do is share with people instantly using my iphone. Some people have already seen this one. ha!


Lake Macbride State Park, IA

Thought I would share this cool location and photo for this post. Amongst all the corn in Iowa, we did find a really neat lake to hang out at. ha! It really reminded me of summers in Michigan. Not to mention they allow dogs, even though its way to hot right now to take Miss Siberian Husky. We will when it cools off. Its a low horsepower lake so kayaking will be a plus. I’ll be sure to post photos when we get our kayak out there.