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Everyone needs a little inspiration. Check out WLWL
Here is a really inspirational online magazine that shares everything you like and love. What more inspiration could you ask for?? I love the concept behind the magazine – like what you love & share what you like. That is such a great reminder for everyday living, I thought so.

The main reasons why I share is to inspire. On the blog I try to share things that I think you would love, including creative inspiration for everyone. Sharing new things, inspiration, and creative ideas for the blogging community. I guess Im passionate about sharing inspiration. As well as receiving inspiration from others. Kinda cool right!?! Do you have inspiration you’re dying to share?? Comment up, I would love to see some inspiration being shared.



Lately owls have been a huge inspiration, I know they are very popular in todays trends but they keep popping up my life in unusual ways. At the start of the year I was shopping at a store in the local mall, just walking along and on accident I stepped onto something oddly shaped on the bottom of my boot. It was a pin stuck in the sole, an owl pin or earring, Jeremy and I was laughing because it came out of no where. I really had no idea if it was part of the stores merchandise or someone lost it, so, I left on one of the clothing tables and continued shopping in the store.

A few minutes later, the girls working at the store are laughing and we over hear them talking about finding the owl pin. One of the girls working had lost it earlier and went home for the day. They had her on the phone joking and saying it was magical, the owl flew up on the table and was just sitting there. It must have been very special to her because they called her to say they found it. I did enjoy listening their story and joke about how they found it. I wasn’t telling. haha

For an upcoming project I created some owl brushes in Photoshop to help with the inspiration process. I’m on the mission to photograph an owl in the wild. It might be a challenge. I use to have some owl photos from a few years ago and its sad to say they got lost during a computer transfer. On some nights while walking the dog, I can hear an owl in the near by woods, how cool is that??

Animal symbolism of the owl means, wisdom, foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge. Have you ever seen an owl out in the wild?? Did you have any photos of owls? Comment and link up if you have any photos to share. I would love to see them.

You have to check out this site if you love DIY projects, my friend shared this link with me. It has awesome tutorials on many different topics. I love the inspiration on this site, had to pass it along!


This year as been an incredible year for launching and rebuilding. Lots of changes and LOTS of growing! With all the moving forward, I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the changes and reflect.

1. WEBSITE LAUNCH – This was my first year for launching my very own website. In the past I have used other sites to display my work and experiences. For starting my own freelance business, earlier in the year I launched my own website. I also just did an update for the new year.
CLICK HERE to read about it

2. IDSA CONFERENCE – I had an opportunity to attend my very first IDSA conference in Grand Rapids, MI. I learned SO much and was very inspired! Plus, it was for a weekend and my friend Theresa and we had a blast. Read more HERE

3. ENGAGEMENT – Yes, I’m engaged! How exciting is that!! Of course we are trying to save our money for a wedding, so no big wedding plans yet. There are some thoughts in place but nothing official. All I can say is he is the BEST guy. Read more about the story HERE

4. ENJOY DETROIT – So excited about doing this book. I can’t thank Erin enough for sharing the same crazy ideas. Putting the book together took half the year, it was literally the first time for me to go out and photograph all the places. It was intense photoshoots. I’ve taken photos in the city before but we were constantly in Detroit. It was my mission. We had so much fun! Read more HERE and visit ENJOY DETROIT

5. PHOTO HOUND – So new photo sessions that I started in the summer, photo hound. I LOVE animals, especially doggies. I had a few photoshoots with some special dogs including Jade, Teddy and Benny. Lea, my Husky gets her photo taken very often.

6. FUNDRAISER – I am so glad I was a part of this fundraiser. I thank Julie for inviting me to this special event. We held a Holiday vendor event in November for Lisa’s Hope. It was a HUGE success, sales from each vendor was donated to Lisa’s Hope. Thanks to everyone involved. Read more HERE

These are just some of the highlights. So, here’s to 2010 and I hope for an even better 2011. I hope to continue to inspire, create and be part of a community. I have to Thank everyone for the support and encouraging comments. This was a rebuilding year and had its historic highs and lows but I couldn’t go through it without the support from all my fellow buddies and family.



Yes, the device that is suppose to be phone; is officially becoming more like a mini camera. haha I LOVE getting shots with my phone. These little lens are AWESOME, they are versatile with any phone and come as a fisheye & Macro lens. Im impressed with how well it takes pics.



I’m super excited to announce a special giveaway on the blog. I have been making stencils and painting items for an up coming event.

They are candle votives with the Detroit skyline stenciled. The stencil came from one of photos of the skyline. I have a great project manager, really she’s a very creative friend of mine and she brought some ideas to my attention. Maybe I should be giving her a candle holder…haha. Thanks Julie!

Lately I have bought so many crafts and lots of trips to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Dick Blick. I have a few projects going on at the moment and the studio looks like a craft store exploded. I have a few other projects that will hit the blog soon.

To show my appreciation for my first book order, Enjoy Detroit. I have a surprise for Mary Kay. She gets a set of these stenciled candle holders. Hope she likes them.

I am a very strong believer in giving thanks. I’m addicted to saying “thanks” I can’t help it. haha What do you think of the votives? Would you want one?


The canvas shopping bags are really making an impact in shopping stores. The graphics are really becoming a big deal too. Almost every store as them now and most have some really awesome graphics on them. I had to share the one I got in the mail with the yoga clothes I ordered. They gave me a little bag and on the outside it has a ton of type, all has something to say about living a better life. My favorite line on the bag and I really think that its a good piece of advice – The world is changing at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you 2 steps behind. DO IT NOW! That is so true, I feel this way when I have creative ideas and I wait because its not the right time or because of other ideas and then the idea is gone. So many times its either forgot about or the energy of the idea has faded.

I know the bag is kinda girly but the sayings are so true and I love the type layout. Its a good way to remind myself and others reading on ways to live more effectively. Wouldn’t you agree?


This September is the first blogiversary. I created the blog last September, trying to figure out what I was going to post. At the time I had built my first website for an online clothing store. At the time it was a great idea to use the blog to host shopping specials from the clothing site.

This past winter the blog started to take shape with posts and photos. After I designed my main website, I linked both sites together. From there I made the decision to form the blog about design and photography.

As the blog continues to grow, I hope you continue to follow the posts. I also really hope that you enjoy the topics. Please feel free to comment; I LOVE to read your comments. Now sit back and watch the blog grow.