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I was really excited to see Julie’s request in my inbox for her baby girls announcement. She sent me all the photos and some inspiration direction. She was looking for a modern theme, with a front & back design. I couldn’t wait to get started on the design, she is the cutest baby girl. Plus there is something exiting about creating designs for friends. The fact that Julie snaps awesome photos of her babies, definitely helped the design process. She is a talented photographer and I love working on designs like that. Isn’t she a beautiful baby??

My main website is going through a redesign at the moment. Once its done, they will be posted in my portfolio page.

I do hope to explore more with wedding invite packages. This is a custom design, with the theme of Wine, grape vines, some fall colors with deep purple accents. My friend sent me her inspiration for her fall wedding.



New to the business is custom wedding invites, including save the dates, RSVP are also part of the package. Really we can design it to fit your needs and collaborate together to achieve your ideas. This is just a sample, it’s the back of the invite and register card. I am exploring the idea of offering the new additional services. This one happens to be a wine and vineyard theme. My friend and I were collaborating wedding ideas and she wants a grape-vine / wine theme. I love the idea of the theme. The best part is designing them with your personal touch, any textures, patterns, colors etc. The sky is the limit! What do you think of the sample?


Isn’t this the most unique Xmas card?? We got this in the mail and was instantly inspired. They are an engraving company so the card speaks a lot about their company; great way to market your company! . I thought it was one of the prettiest cards and of course had to share it with you on the blog.

I LOVE this site Czar Press. They sent me these samples, they are an awesome paper company and I can’t wait to work with them. I have a few ideas in the making and might use these pretty papers in the future.


Lately I have been designing a lot of t-shirts. I really LOVE doing shirts, there are so many killer designs done on shirts now. I’ve done a couple of my own designs for a t-shirt, I really need to decide which one to print.

Im working on a variety of shirts but I wanted to show a little something that Im working on that goes with my side project. The Detroit book is getting so close to print and Im so excited to show you. I have some other side items that I am working on with the Detroit theme and goes with the book. They aren’t done yet but are for an up coming post. Hope you aren’t sick of me talking about Detroit. ha!


This September is the first blogiversary. I created the blog last September, trying to figure out what I was going to post. At the time I had built my first website for an online clothing store. At the time it was a great idea to use the blog to host shopping specials from the clothing site.

This past winter the blog started to take shape with posts and photos. After I designed my main website, I linked both sites together. From there I made the decision to form the blog about design and photography.

As the blog continues to grow, I hope you continue to follow the posts. I also really hope that you enjoy the topics. Please feel free to comment; I LOVE to read your comments. Now sit back and watch the blog grow.


This is my portfolio book for 2010. I designed the book myself with the work from 2009. VERY HAPPY with the print. I even made a case for it, protects it while on the book shelf. These are some close up shoots, I didn’t include all the pages. This is actually the second series of photos I shot of the book. Coming up this fall I have another book coming out that I designed and shot photos for. I love hearing your comments. Would want to see a post on the making of the portfolio case? While posting the photos I thought it would be a good idea to have a DIY post on the case. What do you think?


Lately I have been working hard at updating some of my branding and added some new pieces to my marketing kit. Along with a new update on my WEBSITE. I hit the refresh button, added new photography to my portfolio and redesigned the home page. I hope you have had the chance to take a look. Let me know what you think, Im all ears.

This is some branding I did for a local construction company. He was VERY simple to work with so that reflects the design for his company. Thats okay because I was able to work with him and design his style. He was in desperate need of a logo, so he can move forward and advertise.