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I’m pleased to start offering prints for sale. I’ve had a few people inquire about buying some photos, after doing the book, Enjoy Detroit. I do have a lot of photography from Detroit and so many makes awesome wall art for your house or office. Contact me and we can talk about what you may be looking for, either black & white or color prints and size.

All images are authentic and can be blown up to ANY size. I have not uploaded all my images, so, if you don’t see something in my library, please ask I might have it.

I have a new printer contact that will print BIG images, panoramic sizes up to 40.75″x72″. They also offer different photo finishes and for extra costs will do canvas mounted prints.

Which one do you want?? Browse through my FLICKR PHOTOS, pick out an image to print or ask me about something you are looking for.



I’m so excited to announce that LEOPOLD’S BOOKS are now carrying a few copies of ENJOY DETROIT in the local book store.

Go check them out!
The Park Shelton, 15 E Kirby St
Detroit, MI, 48202

Thank you to all who bought the book and for your support. All the positive comments have been so overwhelming, I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to create conversation about the city and inspire.


This year as been an incredible year for launching and rebuilding. Lots of changes and LOTS of growing! With all the moving forward, I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the changes and reflect.

1. WEBSITE LAUNCH – This was my first year for launching my very own website. In the past I have used other sites to display my work and experiences. For starting my own freelance business, earlier in the year I launched my own website. I also just did an update for the new year.
CLICK HERE to read about it

2. IDSA CONFERENCE – I had an opportunity to attend my very first IDSA conference in Grand Rapids, MI. I learned SO much and was very inspired! Plus, it was for a weekend and my friend Theresa and we had a blast. Read more HERE

3. ENGAGEMENT – Yes, I’m engaged! How exciting is that!! Of course we are trying to save our money for a wedding, so no big wedding plans yet. There are some thoughts in place but nothing official. All I can say is he is the BEST guy. Read more about the story HERE

4. ENJOY DETROIT – So excited about doing this book. I can’t thank Erin enough for sharing the same crazy ideas. Putting the book together took half the year, it was literally the first time for me to go out and photograph all the places. It was intense photoshoots. I’ve taken photos in the city before but we were constantly in Detroit. It was my mission. We had so much fun! Read more HERE and visit ENJOY DETROIT

5. PHOTO HOUND – So new photo sessions that I started in the summer, photo hound. I LOVE animals, especially doggies. I had a few photoshoots with some special dogs including Jade, Teddy and Benny. Lea, my Husky gets her photo taken very often.

6. FUNDRAISER – I am so glad I was a part of this fundraiser. I thank Julie for inviting me to this special event. We held a Holiday vendor event in November for Lisa’s Hope. It was a HUGE success, sales from each vendor was donated to Lisa’s Hope. Thanks to everyone involved. Read more HERE

These are just some of the highlights. So, here’s to 2010 and I hope for an even better 2011. I hope to continue to inspire, create and be part of a community. I have to Thank everyone for the support and encouraging comments. This was a rebuilding year and had its historic highs and lows but I couldn’t go through it without the support from all my fellow buddies and family.



We would like to extend a Happy Holidays to my blog / design community. Enjoy!
Everyone be safe with your friends and families. I hope inspiration finds you during the holiday season.

Merry Christmas!!


For now its closed all season. I love this fountain, its closed for many reasons but isn’t it awesome to look at even without the water?? Its to bad that there is fence around it. The details up close are just awesome. I posted it for photo Friday in theme with Enjoy Detroit. This is the Belle Isle fountain in Detroit. BELLE ISLE is very unique to the city. Its one of the best places to get a ton of photos.


The preview is here and I wanted to share with you a little more up close on what’s inside. What do you think so far? Looking for a creative gift?? Check out ENJOY DETROIT / photo book. Its 60 pages full of photos from Comerica Park, Joe Louis Arena, Packard Plant and historic places that made Detroit so famous.

This weekend the book will be at the fundraiser event for Lisa’s Hope. If you are in the area stop by and check out Enjoy Detroit. Get a book or say hi!


The fundraiser event is coming up and I’m so excited to be a part of this. Holiday Vendor Show – Benefitting Lisa’s Hope is Nov 20th. This is a great way to start holiday shopping and it’s for a good cause.

I’m selling the photo book, ENJOY DETROIT and keeping in the Detroit theme, I’ve stenciled ornaments & candle votive using the city skyline. If you can’t make it to the event, I’m open to taking orders for the votives and ornaments. Just send me an email mistymarcum@me.com

There are going to be some awesome vendors there, including Barefoot books, Carrie Marchand Ceramics and lots more. This is a perfect way to jumpstart your holiday shopping. I hope you can make it out, stop by and say hi.

Admission and a portion of all vendor sales will be donated to Lisa’s Hope.