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I’m pleased to start offering prints for sale. I’ve had a few people inquire about buying some photos, after doing the book, Enjoy Detroit. I do have a lot of photography from Detroit and so many makes awesome wall art for your house or office. Contact me and we can talk about what you may be looking for, either black & white or color prints and size.

All images are authentic and can be blown up to ANY size. I have not uploaded all my images, so, if you don’t see something in my library, please ask I might have it.

I have a new printer contact that will print BIG images, panoramic sizes up to 40.75″x72″. They also offer different photo finishes and for extra costs will do canvas mounted prints.

Which one do you want?? Browse through my FLICKR PHOTOS, pick out an image to print or ask me about something you are looking for.



Big talk about Chrysler’s commercial during the super bowl. This advertisement literally came out of nowhere. The cinematography in the commercial is very well done, which leads me to this post for photo Friday. I took this photo right at sunset with the sun reflecting off the Ren Cen building. This picture kinda reminded me of one of the shots in the commercial because of the location. Without re-hashing all the comments and views over the commercial I think my friend Josh said it best in his blog READ HERE


I’m so excited to announce that LEOPOLD’S BOOKS are now carrying a few copies of ENJOY DETROIT in the local book store.

Go check them out!
The Park Shelton, 15 E Kirby St
Detroit, MI, 48202

Thank you to all who bought the book and for your support. All the positive comments have been so overwhelming, I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to create conversation about the city and inspire.


Today marks the first blog post of the year! I’m excited to share this post because its one of many highlights during the break. We met some friends downtown at Detroit’s Campus Martius park. During the winter Campus Martius turns into a winter fest with lights and an ice skating rink bigger than NYC’s center rink. I LOVE skating downtown and seeing the lights during the holiday season.

I can’t wait to share some upcoming blog posts, there is a lot of new plans in the making for the new year!


For now its closed all season. I love this fountain, its closed for many reasons but isn’t it awesome to look at even without the water?? Its to bad that there is fence around it. The details up close are just awesome. I posted it for photo Friday in theme with Enjoy Detroit. This is the Belle Isle fountain in Detroit. BELLE ISLE is very unique to the city. Its one of the best places to get a ton of photos.


I’m super excited to announce a special giveaway on the blog. I have been making stencils and painting items for an up coming event.

They are candle votives with the Detroit skyline stenciled. The stencil came from one of photos of the skyline. I have a great project manager, really she’s a very creative friend of mine and she brought some ideas to my attention. Maybe I should be giving her a candle holder…haha. Thanks Julie!

Lately I have bought so many crafts and lots of trips to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Dick Blick. I have a few projects going on at the moment and the studio looks like a craft store exploded. I have a few other projects that will hit the blog soon.

To show my appreciation for my first book order, Enjoy Detroit. I have a surprise for Mary Kay. She gets a set of these stenciled candle holders. Hope she likes them.

I am a very strong believer in giving thanks. I’m addicted to saying “thanks” I can’t help it. haha What do you think of the votives? Would you want one?


I am a little late with this post on the blog. Have you seen the new website yet?
I really hope to keep the site up to date with current happenings and new photography.
It features all the photography done in Detroit from this year. Most of the photos are just a taste of what the book (Enjoy Detroit) has to offer. Also on the site there is a link to order the photo book. You can find the story behind the book on the website.


Blurb has a book preview on their site but I was thinking about giving a small feature soon. I see this book as a great coffee table piece, there are no stories in the book, its a picture book. Its an awesome for people who have had to leave the state and miss it so much! haha Seriously its a great size to have on your desk and just thumb through. It would be BEST gift for the holiday or birthday.

Another link added on the news & links page, assignment Detroit. Its a CNN special project on the city, with a ton of stories, photos and links on the people of the city.

Tell me what you think? I love to hear comments. Have you seen the site yet??
What do you think of the book preview??