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This year as been an incredible year for launching and rebuilding. Lots of changes and LOTS of growing! With all the moving forward, I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the changes and reflect.

1. WEBSITE LAUNCH – This was my first year for launching my very own website. In the past I have used other sites to display my work and experiences. For starting my own freelance business, earlier in the year I launched my own website. I also just did an update for the new year.
CLICK HERE to read about it

2. IDSA CONFERENCE – I had an opportunity to attend my very first IDSA conference in Grand Rapids, MI. I learned SO much and was very inspired! Plus, it was for a weekend and my friend Theresa and we had a blast. Read more HERE

3. ENGAGEMENT – Yes, I’m engaged! How exciting is that!! Of course we are trying to save our money for a wedding, so no big wedding plans yet. There are some thoughts in place but nothing official. All I can say is he is the BEST guy. Read more about the story HERE

4. ENJOY DETROIT – So excited about doing this book. I can’t thank Erin enough for sharing the same crazy ideas. Putting the book together took half the year, it was literally the first time for me to go out and photograph all the places. It was intense photoshoots. I’ve taken photos in the city before but we were constantly in Detroit. It was my mission. We had so much fun! Read more HERE and visit ENJOY DETROIT

5. PHOTO HOUND – So new photo sessions that I started in the summer, photo hound. I LOVE animals, especially doggies. I had a few photoshoots with some special dogs including Jade, Teddy and Benny. Lea, my Husky gets her photo taken very often.

6. FUNDRAISER – I am so glad I was a part of this fundraiser. I thank Julie for inviting me to this special event. We held a Holiday vendor event in November for Lisa’s Hope. It was a HUGE success, sales from each vendor was donated to Lisa’s Hope. Thanks to everyone involved. Read more HERE

These are just some of the highlights. So, here’s to 2010 and I hope for an even better 2011. I hope to continue to inspire, create and be part of a community. I have to Thank everyone for the support and encouraging comments. This was a rebuilding year and had its historic highs and lows but I couldn’t go through it without the support from all my fellow buddies and family.




Todays post is going be both Photo Friday and a quick DIY. To get in the Halloween spirit this year, I didn’t carve any pumpkins but I’ve always wanted to make my own mask. It’s a masquerade mask that’s Halloween inspired.

There are a ton of different ways you can design your mask, I’m going to share a process that will hopefully inspire you to make one. There is no right or wrong answer to make a mask, you just need to be creative.

Paint / Spray & Acrylic
Sequins / Jewels
Hot Glue & Glitter Glue

Start out doing some sketches, add marker to your sketches to get an idea of colors. I refined my sketch to get a better idea of what materials to use. It helped me understand what materials I wanted to use.

Start to mask out the design using tape. After the details are taped out, use spray paint to cover the areas with the most color. The other areas can be painted with a brush, using either acrylic paint or enamels.

I love sparkle so I used sprayed glitter over the whole mask. The last paint spray before applying the feathers, jewels and sequins.

Pick out the colors for feathers you want to use and get ready to hot glue them to the back of the mask. I used hot glue for the major gluing and glitter glue for the smaller details.

I started with gluing the feathers and then the sequins. I used glitter glue for all the sequins, it blended well with the paint on the mask. Keep doing that until you are happy with the end result. I became addicted to adding feathers. Just remember to do that if you want a full layout of feathers.

What do you think? I am so excited to use my mask this weekend. I almost forgot, there isn’t a tie strap to keep it on. I am using a stick to hold it up to my face. Also I plan to cover the back of the mask with some fabric.
I hope enjoyed todays DIY / Photo Friday post.
Happy Halloween!


I’m super excited to announce a special giveaway on the blog. I have been making stencils and painting items for an up coming event.

They are candle votives with the Detroit skyline stenciled. The stencil came from one of photos of the skyline. I have a great project manager, really she’s a very creative friend of mine and she brought some ideas to my attention. Maybe I should be giving her a candle holder…haha. Thanks Julie!

Lately I have bought so many crafts and lots of trips to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Dick Blick. I have a few projects going on at the moment and the studio looks like a craft store exploded. I have a few other projects that will hit the blog soon.

To show my appreciation for my first book order, Enjoy Detroit. I have a surprise for Mary Kay. She gets a set of these stenciled candle holders. Hope she likes them.

I am a very strong believer in giving thanks. I’m addicted to saying “thanks” I can’t help it. haha What do you think of the votives? Would you want one?


Taking the blog to the next level: This post is actually about some of the upcoming plans to grow the blog community. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topics.

Recently visiting some other blogs, gala darling I have noticed that one popular blog posting; Things that I love or 5 things that I love. It’s a healthy way to show gratitude. Research has shown that people who keep a gratitude journal, who write at least five things for which they are grateful, big things or little things, are happier, more optimistic, more successful, and strengthens your whole being. (Source.)
Sounds good right? I have thought about making it the next topic on the blog.

Also some plans are coming together to start taking sponsor ads on the blog. The ad will be on right side column, on all pages and last for a month or weekly. Some advertisements that would fit the blog: Etsy shop, web/blog design service, artist, photographer, nonprofit, art gallery, creative online community, photo actions, software, applications, inspirational online shops…etc.

Please contact me if you are interested in placing an ad on the blog. Paypal is the preferred payment method. I’m currently accepting advertisers at very reasonable rates, shoot me an email and we can discuss your ad.

Another topic for the blog is interviews. I am currently looking for designers, artists or photographers that would be interested in a blog feature. Do you want to be the next interview?

I always love hearing from everyone! Do you have an ideas or comments? What do you think about the blog so far? It’s a growing blog and I’m so surprised how much it has grown and the readers that follow.

I always like to THANK everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment!


After the post of the designer interview with Jeremy Rolfs, I was reading an article about “How sketching will take your design process to the next level” written by Lou Levit.

In the interview, Jeremy mentioned how important it is to sketch out our ideas and I thought it would good to add the article as a follow-up on that topic. Take a look at the article its a great read.

Plus the article comes from a really great site called Graphic Design Blender / GDB

Check them out and sign up for monthly emails and get a free e-booklet!
It’s a AWESOME little reference!


This is a big project for me; I started working on it at the start of the new year. Out into the cold I went with my camera to the streets of Detroit and snapped many photos of the city. Stay posted for more on that topic. For now, I need a cover for the book; I designed 3 concepts with photos that I have taken. I couldn’t decide on a name for the book or what the cover should be. I really feel like I need to make people a part of this because this book is not just for me. This is where I need your help. Feel free to vote for which cover you would love to see on the book.

The book is created with all images from Detroit, the good, the bad, and the creative, almost everything! I have a ton of photos and that’s why this is a long project. I absolutely LOVED getting the images and I can’t wait to post more on the blog.

Cover #1 is an outline of the Detroit skyline

The front is on the right side and the back is on the left.

#2 is a title of photos taken in the city

#3 is a single photo I took in Detroit – side of an old building

The image wraps around the spine and fades on the back.

I love all three, I can’t decide which one to use. Will you help vote for which one you like? I would also love to hear feedback on the project so far. Any comments?