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A Brand is being born and here is a special glimpse from the behind the scenes process at the screen printer and starting a brand. I loved seeing the setup and watching the process in the shop. There is something to be said about watching a design come to life and witnessing what it takes to make it happen, even if it is only a t-shirt.

In the very early stages of big dreams to come, it starts with a dream and design. I’ve been fortunate enough to be brought a board on a large-scale project. Shaping its existence, I couldn’t be anymore happier watching this brand grow.

When things get designed or ideas come to life, sometimes there is so much meaning behind the creation. It’s straight from the heart of the creator. So a lot of times that’s the reason why it’s being created, it has a remarkable story.

Live your life wide open, love with all your heart. A strong prescription for everyone to take daily. What do you think of the shirts and the meaning?? Love to hear your comments. I know that’s not a lot of detail, there will be more upcoming posts. Stay tuned.



Lately I have been working hard at updating some of my branding and added some new pieces to my marketing kit. Along with a new update on my WEBSITE. I hit the refresh button, added new photography to my portfolio and redesigned the home page. I hope you have had the chance to take a look. Let me know what you think, Im all ears.

This is some branding I did for a local construction company. He was VERY simple to work with so that reflects the design for his company. Thats okay because I was able to work with him and design his style. He was in desperate need of a logo, so he can move forward and advertise.