New to the business is custom wedding invites, including save the dates, RSVP are also part of the package. Really we can design it to fit your needs and collaborate together to achieve your ideas. This is just a sample, it’s the back of the invite and register card. I am exploring the idea of offering the new additional services. This one happens to be a wine and vineyard theme. My friend and I were collaborating wedding ideas and she wants a grape-vine / wine theme. I love the idea of the theme. The best part is designing them with your personal touch, any textures, patterns, colors etc. The sky is the limit! What do you think of the sample?



Have you ever seen the show American Pickers on the History channel? This is their shop in a small town LeClaire, IA along the Mississippi river. Excuse the photos clarity, it was getting dark and snowy, plus I took it with my iphone. The shops location is SO fitting. It’s in a small town and in a blink of the eye you drive through the very antique looking downtown.


Lately owls have been a huge inspiration, I know they are very popular in todays trends but they keep popping up my life in unusual ways. At the start of the year I was shopping at a store in the local mall, just walking along and on accident I stepped onto something oddly shaped on the bottom of my boot. It was a pin stuck in the sole, an owl pin or earring, Jeremy and I was laughing because it came out of no where. I really had no idea if it was part of the stores merchandise or someone lost it, so, I left on one of the clothing tables and continued shopping in the store.

A few minutes later, the girls working at the store are laughing and we over hear them talking about finding the owl pin. One of the girls working had lost it earlier and went home for the day. They had her on the phone joking and saying it was magical, the owl flew up on the table and was just sitting there. It must have been very special to her because they called her to say they found it. I did enjoy listening their story and joke about how they found it. I wasn’t telling. haha

For an upcoming project I created some owl brushes in Photoshop to help with the inspiration process. I’m on the mission to photograph an owl in the wild. It might be a challenge. I use to have some owl photos from a few years ago and its sad to say they got lost during a computer transfer. On some nights while walking the dog, I can hear an owl in the near by woods, how cool is that??

Animal symbolism of the owl means, wisdom, foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge. Have you ever seen an owl out in the wild?? Did you have any photos of owls? Comment and link up if you have any photos to share. I would love to see them.

You have to check out this site if you love DIY projects, my friend shared this link with me. It has awesome tutorials on many different topics. I love the inspiration on this site, had to pass it along!


Hot chocolate anyone!?! On this photo Friday I felt it was fitting to splash around some hot chocolate for everyone. Last night it got down -6 degrees, way to cold. This is my identical looking Nikon travel mug lens, I love these mugs. They are really fun to use and fake people out thats you are drinking from a real lens.
One..Two..Three…Go! There is the captured splash from a Cherry Cordial on my snowy balcony. These are fun photo shoots but be prepared for a messy splash.


Creating an inspiration board is a great place to start when building a brand identity, whether you are doing design for yourself or you are hired as the designer. Lately I have had to make choices on what should be an inspiration board. I have found out that making a list of what kind of images to include. Making an inspiration board should help you visualize and make choices along the way. These are just some tips I found helpful while building a brand identity.

These images could include; logo and branding examples, colors, type, patterns, and textures. Any items that represent the business. Searching through magazines that represent the desired style is a great starting point. Take some pictures or scan in the images for the board.

When you look at the board you should get a visual overview of your brand. Refer back to this creative board, when you revamp your website, building your logo, or adding new elements to your business.


I’m so excited to announce that LEOPOLD’S BOOKS are now carrying a few copies of ENJOY DETROIT in the local book store.

Go check them out!
The Park Shelton, 15 E Kirby St
Detroit, MI, 48202

Thank you to all who bought the book and for your support. All the positive comments have been so overwhelming, I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to create conversation about the city and inspire.


Today marks the first blog post of the year! I’m excited to share this post because its one of many highlights during the break. We met some friends downtown at Detroit’s Campus Martius park. During the winter Campus Martius turns into a winter fest with lights and an ice skating rink bigger than NYC’s center rink. I LOVE skating downtown and seeing the lights during the holiday season.

I can’t wait to share some upcoming blog posts, there is a lot of new plans in the making for the new year!