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Hi all. The blog has officially moved to my new site, both sites are now merged to one. I will not be posting here anymore.
I will be posting here:

Head over to new site!

I hope you decide to continue to follow my blog and the community. Let me know how you like the site.



I’m so excited to announce that LEOPOLD’S BOOKS are now carrying a few copies of ENJOY DETROIT in the local book store.

Go check them out!
The Park Shelton, 15 E Kirby St
Detroit, MI, 48202

Thank you to all who bought the book and for your support. All the positive comments have been so overwhelming, I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to create conversation about the city and inspire.


This year as been an incredible year for launching and rebuilding. Lots of changes and LOTS of growing! With all the moving forward, I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the changes and reflect.

1. WEBSITE LAUNCH – This was my first year for launching my very own website. In the past I have used other sites to display my work and experiences. For starting my own freelance business, earlier in the year I launched my own website. I also just did an update for the new year.
CLICK HERE to read about it

2. IDSA CONFERENCE – I had an opportunity to attend my very first IDSA conference in Grand Rapids, MI. I learned SO much and was very inspired! Plus, it was for a weekend and my friend Theresa and we had a blast. Read more HERE

3. ENGAGEMENT – Yes, I’m engaged! How exciting is that!! Of course we are trying to save our money for a wedding, so no big wedding plans yet. There are some thoughts in place but nothing official. All I can say is he is the BEST guy. Read more about the story HERE

4. ENJOY DETROIT – So excited about doing this book. I can’t thank Erin enough for sharing the same crazy ideas. Putting the book together took half the year, it was literally the first time for me to go out and photograph all the places. It was intense photoshoots. I’ve taken photos in the city before but we were constantly in Detroit. It was my mission. We had so much fun! Read more HERE and visit ENJOY DETROIT

5. PHOTO HOUND – So new photo sessions that I started in the summer, photo hound. I LOVE animals, especially doggies. I had a few photoshoots with some special dogs including Jade, Teddy and Benny. Lea, my Husky gets her photo taken very often.

6. FUNDRAISER – I am so glad I was a part of this fundraiser. I thank Julie for inviting me to this special event. We held a Holiday vendor event in November for Lisa’s Hope. It was a HUGE success, sales from each vendor was donated to Lisa’s Hope. Thanks to everyone involved. Read more HERE

These are just some of the highlights. So, here’s to 2010 and I hope for an even better 2011. I hope to continue to inspire, create and be part of a community. I have to Thank everyone for the support and encouraging comments. This was a rebuilding year and had its historic highs and lows but I couldn’t go through it without the support from all my fellow buddies and family.


LISA’S HOPE FUNDRAISER / Thanks to all!!

First a BIG Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Lisa’s Hope. Everyone worked so hard and it was such a great day.

I was so glad to be a part of the benefit. I LOVED seeing the friends and family that showed up, so awesome!
Personal shout out to my family/friends that came out. Good to see everyone.
Thanks for the support!!

I know Lisa appreciates it. Get well soon Lisa!!


I can’t believe its done, where did the time go!?! I worked on it for 10 months now we get to enjoy it. haha Really I have to thank Jeremy for putting up with my craziness. Some of the photos that I shot where not in the greatest areas to be in, kinda drove him nervous when I told him what I was doing.

I love this house and I remember it so well. I have a ton of memories here for being so young. One of the most visual memories I have is watching the Detroit fire works out the back door, being able to see them through trees and the Ambassador bridge. Another great memory is playing a lot in the backyard, yes back then it was a little safer to play in the back yard.

I think the biggest accomplish with this book is getting the chance to make people a little more aware of the current state of the city. I wanted to see as much as I could and photograph ALL I could. There are good parts and bad parts just like any city. There is so much focus on Detroit right now and the truth; most of the city has been corrupt for a very long time. It didn’t happen over night.

Really I was amazed every time we went down there with the BIZARRE stuff seen or heard. The things that go on throughout the city. I would say its defiantly unique.

I love the history of the city and it took me a long time to grow into it. I guess thats part of growing up. ha! Im very thankful that I got to do this project, I also have to thank Erin for being able to get out there with me and photograph.

Please check out the book preview and the new website ENJOY DETROIT. Its a great photo book to have on your desk or coffee table. Its more than 50 pages in color, some of the places include the Michigan Central Train Station, Packard Plant, Downtown, and Heidelberg Project. Now available for ordering.

By Misty Marcum


This September is the first blogiversary. I created the blog last September, trying to figure out what I was going to post. At the time I had built my first website for an online clothing store. At the time it was a great idea to use the blog to host shopping specials from the clothing site.

This past winter the blog started to take shape with posts and photos. After I designed my main website, I linked both sites together. From there I made the decision to form the blog about design and photography.

As the blog continues to grow, I hope you continue to follow the posts. I also really hope that you enjoy the topics. Please feel free to comment; I LOVE to read your comments. Now sit back and watch the blog grow.


I have been super excited to post this blog. Tre the company that made my engagement ring, sent me a gift in the mail. I was super excited about opening the package. For Jeremy and I, they sent us a nice note wishing us the best in our future marriage and an engagement gift. That was so nice of them, I can’t thank the TRE team enough!

If you haven’t checked out their site TRE you should look at their jewelry pieces. The rings are amazing. I am a HUGE fan of tre. For every piece of tre jewelry purchased a tree is planted.

This is the Nina / Eco Green.