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Hi all. The blog has officially moved to my new site, both sites are now merged to one. I will not be posting here anymore.
I will be posting here:

Head over to new site!

I hope you decide to continue to follow my blog and the community. Let me know how you like the site.



I’m pleased to start offering prints for sale. I’ve had a few people inquire about buying some photos, after doing the book, Enjoy Detroit. I do have a lot of photography from Detroit and so many makes awesome wall art for your house or office. Contact me and we can talk about what you may be looking for, either black & white or color prints and size.

All images are authentic and can be blown up to ANY size. I have not uploaded all my images, so, if you don’t see something in my library, please ask I might have it.

I have a new printer contact that will print BIG images, panoramic sizes up to 40.75″x72″. They also offer different photo finishes and for extra costs will do canvas mounted prints.

Which one do you want?? Browse through my FLICKR PHOTOS, pick out an image to print or ask me about something you are looking for.


This winter has shown great opportunity for wildlife photography. I’ve went from shooting urban city life to wildlife. haha So far we have been able to photograph a ton of American Bald Eagles. They are quite the challenge to photograph and very exciting to capture. I’m really amazed by the number of eagles in one location. They hang out at the lock and dams along the Mississippi river. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Dinner to go!


Yes, the device that is suppose to be phone; is officially becoming more like a mini camera. haha I LOVE getting shots with my phone. These little lens are AWESOME, they are versatile with any phone and come as a fisheye & Macro lens. Im impressed with how well it takes pics.



This was so much fun to photograph, its a pretty quick DIY. It’s the BEST time to try out bokeh, with all the christmas lights. I did these photos with a homemade lens cover made with black cardstock and a cut out snowflake. OR the shape punches are very handy for cutting out your shape, either stars, hearts and half-moons work really well.

Isn’t this the coolest ornament?!? I LOVE it! Mainly because my really good friend made this for me a few years back. I photographed it for the Bokeh project, including some other past projects that have been featured on the blog.

The lights that I used are LEDS and personally I think that the LEDS may not be the best choice for your background, although they do give a very unique effect. Just my opinion.. I can’t wait to experiment more with this effect, I plan do more over the holiday.

Check out these examples from Andrew Kelsall, they are awesome!
Bokeh Eamples


The preview is here and I wanted to share with you a little more up close on what’s inside. What do you think so far? Looking for a creative gift?? Check out ENJOY DETROIT / photo book. Its 60 pages full of photos from Comerica Park, Joe Louis Arena, Packard Plant and historic places that made Detroit so famous.

This weekend the book will be at the fundraiser event for Lisa’s Hope. If you are in the area stop by and check out Enjoy Detroit. Get a book or say hi!


I am a little late with this post on the blog. Have you seen the new website yet?
I really hope to keep the site up to date with current happenings and new photography.
It features all the photography done in Detroit from this year. Most of the photos are just a taste of what the book (Enjoy Detroit) has to offer. Also on the site there is a link to order the photo book. You can find the story behind the book on the website.


Blurb has a book preview on their site but I was thinking about giving a small feature soon. I see this book as a great coffee table piece, there are no stories in the book, its a picture book. Its an awesome for people who have had to leave the state and miss it so much! haha Seriously its a great size to have on your desk and just thumb through. It would be BEST gift for the holiday or birthday.

Another link added on the news & links page, assignment Detroit. Its a CNN special project on the city, with a ton of stories, photos and links on the people of the city.

Tell me what you think? I love to hear comments. Have you seen the site yet??
What do you think of the book preview??