This was so much fun to photograph, its a pretty quick DIY. It’s the BEST time to try out bokeh, with all the christmas lights. I did these photos with a homemade lens cover made with black cardstock and a cut out snowflake. OR the shape punches are very handy for cutting out your shape, either stars, hearts and half-moons work really well.

Isn’t this the coolest ornament?!? I LOVE it! Mainly because my really good friend made this for me a few years back. I photographed it for the Bokeh project, including some other past projects that have been featured on the blog.

The lights that I used are LEDS and personally I think that the LEDS may not be the best choice for your background, although they do give a very unique effect. Just my opinion.. I can’t wait to experiment more with this effect, I plan do more over the holiday.

Check out these examples from Andrew Kelsall, they are awesome!
Bokeh Eamples



  1. Nice effect, I definitely want to give this a go however, I need to get hold of a nifty fifty before I can give this a whirl. Which lens were you using?

  2. Thanks Luke! I was using a nifty fifty, my fav lens.

    Here is a awesome site you can buy a composer and add the shapes.
    Check it out

  3. Ah the lens baby, I was reading about this the other day in the latest copy of the digital srl photography magazine! Seems like a really cool piece of kit – I didn’t realise it was so versatile.

  4. Love that magazine!! They have the coolest stuff in there!

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