These are just a few online shopping companies that give back with your purchase. I was shocked by some of the organizations that are giving back with big hearts. I think it would be great if we could create a list of places that are giving a little back. Comment back if you have a name of a company / organization. How cool to be giving at the same time buying for someone on your christmas list.

Get your holiday cards ordered from Paper Culture. They will plant a tree in your honor with every order, all cards & envelopes are 100% recycled plus they are a Carbon-Free company.

31 Bits Jewelry each piece of jewelry is handmade with 100% recycled paper and other material by women in the Uganda community. Every piece has a genuine and unique quality. I love this site & the jewelry pieces!

What are some others sites that are in giving mood??


4 responses to “GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK / XMAS 2010

  1. I love learning about all these companies – truly the lists are so extensive and great! We give back to small business owners and charities of their choice at We follow the 3 Cs: Company-Customer-Cause. It works and it’s the cornerstone of which our company was built. Thanks for this list – I shared it. Happy Holidays! Much kindness, Elena

  2. I am helping run Prosperity Candle – a gift company that aims to empower women as entrepreneurs in places affected by conflict or natural disaster. We’re working with women from Iraq, Burma, Bhutan & Haiti to create stunning handmade candles and candle accessories. Each gift helps empower a woman to grow her business – leading to a more hopeful and prosperous future for her and her family.

    Learn more here:

    Thanks for covering this very important topic!

  3. Thanks for sharing Siiri!!

    Here is another site that Julie shared with me, they are donating a portion of sales to No Kid Hungry! They have some really cool kid toys.

  4. i just posted a gift guide featuring a few companies doing good in the world on my company’s page:

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