I am a little late with this post on the blog. Have you seen the new website yet?
I really hope to keep the site up to date with current happenings and new photography.
It features all the photography done in Detroit from this year. Most of the photos are just a taste of what the book (Enjoy Detroit) has to offer. Also on the site there is a link to order the photo book. You can find the story behind the book on the website.


Blurb has a book preview on their site but I was thinking about giving a small feature soon. I see this book as a great coffee table piece, there are no stories in the book, its a picture book. Its an awesome for people who have had to leave the state and miss it so much! haha Seriously its a great size to have on your desk and just thumb through. It would be BEST gift for the holiday or birthday.

Another link added on the news & links page, assignment Detroit. Its a CNN special project on the city, with a ton of stories, photos and links on the people of the city.

Tell me what you think? I love to hear comments. Have you seen the site yet??
What do you think of the book preview??


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