I love this book. I couldn’t stop reading it. I’m not a big reader but this book kept my attention. A lot of it made some much sense and most of it I am ready doing. It is very up to date on the current trends in the business world. So much of it stood out to me, especially since I’m a newbie to running my freelance business it’s the best resource.

One of the topics I loved the most: Don’t Copy / It’s a formula for failure. What a friendly reminder to myself not to look so much at all the competitors out there. So many times I find myself wanting to do something I saw because I loved it so much and I have to remind myself DON’T FOLLOW. I would miss all the process behind the work. Copycats can never get ahead if they are to busy following and never thinking forward.

Another thing I have to remind myself that is another topic in the book. Don’t be so afraid of your work being stolen. Pour yourself into your work, no one can copy that. Share your story; great chefs share their recipes because they know it takes more than copying a recipe to become a famous chef.

This is such a great book and the last page is my inspiration. In one of my previous posts, Positive Thinking Energy, I was posting about the yoga bag that had sayings all over it. One of them; the world is changing at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement change will leave you 2 steps behind. DO IT NOW! When I read the last page of the book I was reminded of that blog post . Inspiration is motivation. In the book they say ideas are immortal and inspiration has an expiration date. When you have the inspiration you are pumped up about the project. If the project is put on hold then you wont have the motivation to get the best out of the project later on. This is so true? What do you think? Do you plan on reading the book?

I highly suggest reading this book because it is so up to date with today’s world and it’s so simple to read. A great resource and filled with inspiration.


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