Today’s post is taking part in the Blog Action Day; that unites the worlds bloggers in posting about the same issue, water. Photo Friday is taking a little spin today and I thought it would be a challenge to participate in Blog Action Day. Sparking a global discussion, mine topic is Bottled water. They are everywhere and sometimes its just convenient to have around at certain times but there is a lot of bad press about bottle water.

Almost 86% of those bottles will never be recycled. It seems like such a waste, think about it. Have you ever seen the commercials with all the bottles floating around in the ocean or the commercial with the bottles that are able to make it around the circumference of the world a few times. That’s crazy! I guess having water bottles are fine if you have the intentions of recycling it.

Instead of bottled water how about water bottles? Reusable, eco-friendly and these are totally stylin! I love the new designs on the reusable bottles, I catch myself looking at them in the store every time.

People in the US have access to clean water and water filters. The Britta filters are great and last a long time, I think our last filter lasted almost 3 months. I keep my water bottle with me more than half the time, it has took a beating but I love it.



One response to “BLOG ACTION DAY 2010 / WATER

  1. Thanks for this post!
    Please read and share my post about Water’s footprint in Fashion
    You can make the difference!

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