I can’t believe its done, where did the time go!?! I worked on it for 10 months now we get to enjoy it. haha Really I have to thank Jeremy for putting up with my craziness. Some of the photos that I shot where not in the greatest areas to be in, kinda drove him nervous when I told him what I was doing.

I love this house and I remember it so well. I have a ton of memories here for being so young. One of the most visual memories I have is watching the Detroit fire works out the back door, being able to see them through trees and the Ambassador bridge. Another great memory is playing a lot in the backyard, yes back then it was a little safer to play in the back yard.

I think the biggest accomplish with this book is getting the chance to make people a little more aware of the current state of the city. I wanted to see as much as I could and photograph ALL I could. There are good parts and bad parts just like any city. There is so much focus on Detroit right now and the truth; most of the city has been corrupt for a very long time. It didn’t happen over night.

Really I was amazed every time we went down there with the BIZARRE stuff seen or heard. The things that go on throughout the city. I would say its defiantly unique.

I love the history of the city and it took me a long time to grow into it. I guess thats part of growing up. ha! Im very thankful that I got to do this project, I also have to thank Erin for being able to get out there with me and photograph.

Please check out the book preview and the new website ENJOY DETROIT. Its a great photo book to have on your desk or coffee table. Its more than 50 pages in color, some of the places include the Michigan Central Train Station, Packard Plant, Downtown, and Heidelberg Project. Now available for ordering.

By Misty Marcum


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