Have you ever came across old work or something you created a long time ago and think wow I can’t believe I did that!?! These are my first black and white photos taken at my first college class. Using a 35mm film camera, dark room and B&W film.

I remember taking these photos and also thinking I have no idea what I am doing. haha The dark room was such a challenge and reward, developing your own photos. The first thing I remember is learning the F stop and shutter speed. We had to show the series of F stops from F11 to F2 in the first assignment.

These were also my first portraits I did for an assignment and show.

Another assignment was buildings/architecture. I had a series of photos from Detroit, including the Renaissance Center.

I love that even in my first photography class I was taking pictures of Detroit.

I love these photos probably because I didn’t know anything. haha Everybody has to start somewhere. Personally I love to look back and see how far I’ve come.

I also love to encourage people that want to do photography. Keep SHOOTING! Practice makes perfect. Ask your friends to model for you and maybe set up website or blog.

Hope you enjoyed! I would love to see your first photoshoots. Link up with your firsts!


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