A slipcase provides a strong protective box for your books or portfolio. I made one to protect my portfolio and it worked out perfectly. It can be covered in paper, cloth, textured paper or even pleather. I know I have posted photos before on the slipcase and the portfolio. I have had some questions about how I made the case and some people have been searching for ways to protect their portfolio. This is the second time I have made one of these slipcases, the other one was for a photo book I made.

Cover Paper or book cloth
Lining Paper
Craft Glue
Masking Tape

1. To estimate the amount of paper needed, measure twice the height of the book and add on 2 inches and the width plus twice the thickness of the book adding 2 to 2 ¼ inches.
2. Measure the book for the slipcase from head to tail and from the spine to fore edge. Also measure the thickness.
3. Cut the boards from the lined greyboard.

Box sides cut 2
Height = height of the book plus 2 board thickness plus 2 thickness of covering material.
Width = Width of book plus 1 board thickness.

Long wall = cut 1
Height = same height as box sides
Width = thickness of book plus 2 thickness of covering material.

Short walls cut 2
Length – same as box side minus 1 board thickness
Width – same as width of long wall

4. Attach the long wall with small pieces of tape and using a paintbrush coat the edges with glue. I actually used spray glue on the material I used. Repeat with the remaining short walls.

5. Attach the 2nd box side with glue & tape in place. When the glue is all dry remove all the tape.
6. Be sure all the edges are even & smooth. Any rough edges will show through. Use medium grit sandpaper to smooth the edges before covering with your paper.
7. Cut enough paper to cover the box. Leaving ¾ inches for the turn in. Coat one side of the box with glue. Coat the spine with glue and fold the material around. Finally coat the 2nd box side with glue and wrap the material around, leaving no air bubbles.

8. Crease the covering material where it folds around the spine. Trim the spine and angle the corners, and glue down.

9. Cut the flaps at the end of the box to fit the width of the short wall. Coat with glue and stick down. Repeat the other end.

10. Cut the small tabs in each corner to 1/24 inch and glue down.

11. Crease the material from the corners of the box at the open end. Cut along the line, coat the turn-ins and glue. Fold them over the board edges.

12. Leave the box to dry before slipping your book in.


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