The canvas shopping bags are really making an impact in shopping stores. The graphics are really becoming a big deal too. Almost every store as them now and most have some really awesome graphics on them. I had to share the one I got in the mail with the yoga clothes I ordered. They gave me a little bag and on the outside it has a ton of type, all has something to say about living a better life. My favorite line on the bag and I really think that its a good piece of advice – The world is changing at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you 2 steps behind. DO IT NOW! That is so true, I feel this way when I have creative ideas and I wait because its not the right time or because of other ideas and then the idea is gone. So many times its either forgot about or the energy of the idea has faded.

I know the bag is kinda girly but the sayings are so true and I love the type layout. Its a good way to remind myself and others reading on ways to live more effectively. Wouldn’t you agree?


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