This is post for all the Photoshop junkies. I’ve found it very rewarding to create my own textures and brushes for my designs. I want to share some of the details about using watercolor for a technique.

Cold Press Illustration Board or Watercolor paper, brushes and water colors

Color – Add water on the paper and drop in some color. Control the splashes of color by moving the paper around or with the brush.

Manipulate the amount of water and move it around the paper. Thin layers of ink create great layers of splash. Before adding another layer of color, let it dry. Mix up the color. Let the different colors flow freely around the paper.

I added a little stronger detail with some watercolor pencils. Just so I had some strong definition.

You can either capture the layers with your camera of scan the paper after its dry.

Create your own photos, your art, or your textures from scratch. Its fun to create these kind of projects and experiment with different styles. In Photoshop use it as a layer with the blending mode. Now we have our own textures and they can be used for any illustration.

I had a lot of fun putting this post together. I hope you can enjoy it. This is my final abstract drawing with the use of my bright pink watercolor painting. What do you think?



  1. Great stuff… amazing dog (on the “about” page)! Good luck in your career.

  2. Great idea and cool outcome. Thanks for sharing.

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