This is a big project for me; I started working on it at the start of the new year. Out into the cold I went with my camera to the streets of Detroit and snapped many photos of the city. Stay posted for more on that topic. For now, I need a cover for the book; I designed 3 concepts with photos that I have taken. I couldn’t decide on a name for the book or what the cover should be. I really feel like I need to make people a part of this because this book is not just for me. This is where I need your help. Feel free to vote for which cover you would love to see on the book.

The book is created with all images from Detroit, the good, the bad, and the creative, almost everything! I have a ton of photos and that’s why this is a long project. I absolutely LOVED getting the images and I can’t wait to post more on the blog.

Cover #1 is an outline of the Detroit skyline

The front is on the right side and the back is on the left.

#2 is a title of photos taken in the city

#3 is a single photo I took in Detroit – side of an old building

The image wraps around the spine and fades on the back.

I love all three, I can’t decide which one to use. Will you help vote for which one you like? I would also love to hear feedback on the project so far. Any comments?


2 responses to “VOTES NEEDED!

  1. Sent over from! This looks like it’s going to be a beautiful book. It wasn’t hard to pick cover 2, it just fits. Can’t wait to follow the progress of this project, looks like a lot of love has gone into it!

  2. Cool way to open up your design process and get feedback. I definitely vote for #2. #1 feels like it was mostly pulled from iStock and #3 is ok, but I don’t like the fade and it doesn’t say gritty Detroit to me.

    But #2! Great incorporation of your photos, gives a good essence of the city. And the big D is a great, icon emblem of the city. The black sets off the colors well and gives it some weight.

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