These flowers have a huge story behind them. Literally they have followed me everywhere I lived. Several years ago I bought a package of seeds and planted them in some pots at my parents. They were beautiful flowers but I never thought that they would come back the next summer. The dirt from the pots where put in the garden, and the following year the flowers came back. Every year after that more blooms have came back in different parts of the backyard. Ever since then they seem to follow me around because I see them every where I go. I LOVE how unique they look and I feel like I have some strange connection with them.

The only thing is I have no idea what they called. Do you know the name of these flowers?? Comment up if you know the name. Im dying to know.


3 responses to “PHOTO FRIDAY / BIG BLOOMS

  1. I don’t know their name, but they’re beautiful and you’ve captured them so well! Great job.

  2. I also found out the name of the flowers : CLEOME (Spider flower)

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