Lately I have been asked about how to buy a new camera. Weather its for more professional use or just a simple point and shoot camera. I have a few tips that hopefully helps research a camera. Really its up to user, I can’t tell you which one to buy but I have some great resources. There are so many brands out there but these are the names I highly recommend Nikon, Canon, Sony or Olympus. I had an Olympus for my first digital camera and it was great. If you really care about what your photos look like and enjoy editing, then I would suggest spending a little bit of money on a camera around $300 to $500. Thats if you have no experience with digital SLR cameras and still want a high quality point and shoot camera. Some of the point and shoot cameras put out great quality with out spending a ton of money on a digital SLR.

This is an Olympus E-P1. I love this camera, the lens are interchangeable, its a high definition camcorder plus its so cute in its retro compact body.

One of the best resources I have found is going to Borders and picking up a photography buying magazine. It breaks down all the highlights of each camera and compares each one. Adorama is an online photography store that is great to buy from, they have a ton to choose from.

This magazine is a huge inspiration for camera buyers

Also I suggest playing with some cameras and trying it out. Best buy or any electronic store that have cameras out on display. will let you rent out the DSLR cameras and lens if you plan on buying something a little more professional.

Hopefully this is helpful. Go ahead and comment with any questions. Are you planning on buying a camera soon? What kind of camera do you have?


4 responses to “BUYING A NEW CAMERA

  1. I agree, it’s a camera jungle out there! I really like your idea of trying out a DSLR before buying anything. I started with a Nikon L110 point and shoot – Great camera for around $300.00. But, I was quickly hooked on photography and within 3 months I was wanting a DSLR for more control. Now, my point and shoot is my back-up! You have great information here! Thanks.

  2. Misty,
    I was actually going ot come here and ask you this. I love just playing around with photography, and now my son seems to like to play too, so I was going to give him my kodak (that I spent a couple of hundred on 4 years ago) and upgrade soon. I wanted to know if there were “key words” I should search out or avoid. I am not camera savvy and all I hear is megapixel and digital/optical zoom. Do these matter, and is there something else I should scope out besides these things? Obviously I won’t be taking your caliber of shots, but I would like something that helps the photos look good.

    • Anita –
      Thats so awesome! Im glad to hear that you like to try photography.

      Digital zooms lose picture quality, basically it captures pictures from far away. I wouldn’t get to rapid up in that, most point and shoot cameras have it – Im not really a fan of it!

      Optical zooms – 3x is popular and equals a 35-105 mm. This works great for casual events. Portraits and up close photos. If you want to take more natures shots, like on vacation maybe a more powerful zoom with a wider focal length is the route for you.

      Mega pixels – for everyday photos 10mp should be good. That’s is good if you feel like doing some editing and is great for making big prints like 13×19. 12mp or higher if you really want to do cropping and big prints with imaging editing software.

      I love reading the comments!

  3. Thank you I appreciate your response. I cannot wait till I have some extra cash to blow and I will go get me something new 🙂

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