I was going to save this post for tomorrow but I couldn’t wait to share plus I have something else fun for tomorrow. If you know me well, you know I LOVE jewelry. There isn’t much instruction for this DIY, its simple enough to do on your own. These are charms from old necklaces that I put together with a different chain. I recycled some parts from other necklaces.

My dad actually made a few of these charms, I’ve kept them in my jewelry box for a long time because I didn’t want anything to happen to them. I couldn’t resist anymore, I added them to my collection of charms.

This is one of my coolest charms, my dad made this one years ago, its made from layers of real car paint. How cool is that!?! I LOVE the layers of color.

All you need is a long chain, I got mine from Michael’s. Some jump rings and charms. These are few from my charm collection.


3 responses to “DIY / JEWELRY CHARMS

  1. Melissa
    I still have the one like you do of the walnut with the car paint – Dad gave Curt some of that paint – do you know about it – where it came from – I can tell you if you don’t know – but I still have mine and I will forever because Curt made it and it is special to me by both of them ! Love ya – Sis

  2. I can’t remember if that was a walnut or wood – you’ll have to ask him – I can’t remember ! 🙂 Sis

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