Jeremy completely surprised me! I literally had no idea. I LOVE surprises, he did such a good job keeping it a secret. Plus I loved how he planned it out and the story behind it. I was very happy and impressed.

Here’s the story….
He told me he wanted to go to downtown Detroit and take some photos, I was very excited about spending time together and just taking photos. It was early afternoon on the river front by the Renaissance Center. A lot of people out enjoying the very HOT day in the sun, at Hart Plaza there was live music playing and kids running around. We watched boats out on the water, just enjoying the moment. I was snapping away with my camera but Jeremy didn’t take his camera out of his bag for any photos, at the time it did seem a little strange to me. He’s also a big photo fanatic.

At Hart Plaza there is an area with cement blocks that are at different heights, perfect for photo taking with the GM renaissance center in the background. Jeremy takes my camera and asks me sit on one of the high blocks and starts snapping away.

The BIG moment…
He grabs his camera bag, comes over down in front of me. Pulls out a black box from his camera bag. Now I know why he never opened his bag till now. He says: I have a surprise for you, I’m asking a lot for you to move with me and I brought you downtown for more than photos, I brought you here for the irony behind the story of leaving our hometown. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Im asking you start a life with me out of state. Will you marry me?

Of course I said YES! I had my sunglasses it was so bright, I had tears in my eyes but really I couldn’t stop smiling. haha! He explained the ring and how he found it. Its a placement ring that one of my very close family members helped him out with. She assured him that I would LOVE it! She asked me over and over if we had the same size ring finger. One time last year we were trying on rings so she mentioned that time, just to make sure we did have the same size. The best part is that she had rings sitting out on her counter and I started trying them out without even knowing that it was a setup.


I LOVE it! Its such a conversation piece and really reflects us. When Jeremy pulled it out, it was so bright outside it twinkled in the sunlight. Its glass blown with flakes of silver. It came from a company called TRE Really the plan is to design a ring together. We both are designers so we want to do something with our taste and style.

After that big surprise he pulled out another surprise from his camera bag. It was a brand new lens for my camera. I cant explain the excitement. A new addition to my camera, we both started taking photos with it, some of the ring and each other. He said he wanted to make an investment in my freelance company and take my photography to a higher level. I couldn’t believe it, I was SO impressed and excited.

Husband to be – I’m so lucky!

Some kids had come around and asked me take a photo with their camera. So I had to ask them to return the favor with my camera. We told them we just got engaged!

We had a AWESOME day. Just the two of us spent the rest of the afternoon on lake St. Claire, watching the boats at a really cool restaurant. Our good friends has us over to their house for a nice celebration. I’ll never forget that. Jeremy made it such a great day.


One response to “I’M ENGAGED

  1. I’m so excited for both of you but sad that you are no longer in MI!!!

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